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Everyday Applications for STEM Besides a Career

By Katie Picard

People think of STEM only happening in the classroom, but that's simply not true. STEM happens all around us, whether it's in school or around the house.

One example of the ‘S’ STEM in daily life would be baking. Baking is one big science experiment to see if you can combine multiple ingredients to create one new thing! For example, when you combine flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and chocolate chips you will get a sticky mess. Then, when you add baking soda and heat, they turn into cookies! An example of the

‘T’ in STEM would be whenever you interact with technology. It could be being on a phone, or watching television. The ‘E’ can be demonstrated in the act of cleaning or traveling. When cleaning many people use equipment such as vacuum cleaners which is the engineering side of cleaning. Cleaning also involves chemicals in things such as surface cleaners and soaps.

Finally, the ‘M’ in STEM can be represented through shopping. Congratulations shopaholics, you are doing STEM every time you buy something. When you’re shopping you are adding up how much everything will cost in the end.

STEM is all around you, sometimes you just have to look a little closer to find it.

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