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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By Siri Doddapaneni

Each month, the Imagining team interviews one of JuSTEMagine’s board members. For December, the spotlight is on Liam Garrigan, JuSTEMagine’s Director of Legislative Advocacy. Liam, a junior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska, used his experience with advocacy in theater to take on this position.

What is your role in your position?

"In my role in my position (Director of Legislative Advocacy), I am in charge of organizing our Legislative Advocacy Conference at the Nebraska State Capitol, as well as organizing advocacy training sessions."

Why did you choose this position?

"I chose this position because I know a lot about the field of advocacy, and it is something I am very passionate about."

Why did you join JuSTEMagine?

"I chose JuSTEMagine because I love the message that they spread about trying to bring STEM education to all students. "

What did you most enjoy?

"I enjoyed working with my fellow board members on our projects, and I’m excited to advocate for STEM education with the group."

What is an important value for a board member to have?

"An important value for a board member to have is a good work ethic. No matter what role you are in you are going to work hard, and having a good work ethic will make all of that easier."

Thank you to Liam for being this month’s board member spotlight, and good luck in your future JuSTEMagine endeavors!

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