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Siri Doddapaneni

Vice President

Siri Doddapaneni is a junior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. Siri is passionate about working with young students to spread her love of science to students who don’t have access to educational STEM and SEL resources. She specifically enjoys working on social-emotional learning projects with SPARK Positivity, and is excited to help with creating and assembling SPARK’s Positivity in a Box kits. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Siri is involved in Science Olympiad, softball, choir, and Academic Decathlon. 


Meghna Adduri

Director of Curriculum


Meghna Adduri is a junior attending Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska. She is very interested in the STEM field and enjoys improving STEM education through her work with JuSTEMagine, specifically with curriculum design. She also expresses her love for STEM in her school’s math club and robotics team. Outside of the STEM field, Meghna loves public speaking, singing, and reading.


Ansh Mishra

Director of Esports

Ansh Mishra is a senior at Millard North High School. He joined JuSTEMagine because he is passionate about both STEAM and Esports. He loves the fact that STEAM and esports can be used to create innovative solutions to real-world challenges, while also providing students with an enjoyable learning experience. As the co-director of Esports, he is responsible for planning events and projects for Esports. Outside of JuSTEMagine he participates in speech, debate, DECA, and HOSA. In his free time, he loves to read and play video games.


Angel Bhandari

Director of Events

Angel is a sophomore at Brownell Talbot in Omaha Nebraska. She has previously worked with JuSTEMagine in the past. With assembling STEM kits, writing STEM related articles, and legislative advocacy! She is passionate about expanding STEM education. Through her position, by coordinating educational events for the community. As well as making sure STEM education is accessible to all! In school Angel is involved in cheerleading, robotics, student council, science olympiad, and speech.

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