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Jack Cenovic

Founder + Advisor to the Board of Directors

Jack is a member of Harvard's Class of 2026. He is passionate about making STEM and Social-Emotional Learning topics accessible to all students. As JuSTEMagine's President, Jack worked to increase educational accessibility in Nebraska and beyond. He is excited to be able to advise JuSTEMagine's high schooler-led board during his college years.


Claire Cenovic

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Claire is a member of Barnard College of Columbia University's Class of 2027. She is passionate about working with children and providing resources and educational opportunities to students across the world. Claire especially enjoys making social media content for JuSTEMagine, as well as assembling Positivity in a Box Kits to spread joy in her community.

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Francesca Vidal

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Francesca is a senior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. She is passionate about spreading STEM and SEL education to kids throughout her community and beyond. Through JuSTEMagine, she has helped to prepare SEL curriculums in English and Spanish, assemble STEM and SEL kits, organize JuSTEMagine’s legislative advocacy conference, and lead Imagining, JuSTEMagine’s publication group. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Francesca enjoys participating in robotics, cheerleading, and Science Olympiad.

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Siri Doddapaneni


Siri is a junior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. Siri is passionate about working with elementary students to create STEM and SEL foundations at a young age, combining her love for STEM and community service. Besides overseeing JuSTEMagine operations, she enjoys copy editing the Imagining publication, facilitating new partnerships, and, through JuSTEMagine, has received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from Prairie STEM for her efforts. This year, Siri hopes to increase JuSTEMagine’s social-emotional learning outreach, as well as expand the chapter system. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Siri is involved with the NorthSouth Foundation and speech, and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. 


Meghna Adduri

Vice President and Director of Curriculum


Meghna Adduri is a junior at Millard North High School in Omaha. She has a strong interest in the STEM field, especially mathematics and computer science. She has previously served as the Director of Curriculum and greatly enjoys improving STEM education through her work with JuSTEMagine. In addition to her work at JuSTEMagine, she actively volunteers at our partner organization Prairie STEM and as part of her school’s robotics program, conducts yearly Girl Powered workshops for middle school girls, to spark their passion in STEM. Outside of STEM, she loves public speaking, singing, and can never resist a good book.


Aubrey Nguyen

Director of Technology 

Aubrey is currently a junior at Duchesne Academy. She joined JuSTEMagine because she wants to help create opportunities and encourage others to explore STEM. Aubrey is passionate about combining art and technology. She is interested in using technology and art to create safe spaces that inspire others and spread positivity. Outside of JuSTEMagine, she enjoys volunteering at a local elementary school where she leads kids in creating art projects. She also enjoys participating in her school’s dive team as well as the math, science, and art clubs.


Keerthana Vinod

Director of Esports

Keerthana Vinod is a junior at Millard North High School in Omaha, Nebraska. She is extremely interested in STEM and  passionate about increasing diversity in its fields. Keerthana is fascinated about the field of video game development and how it can help make learning fun and engaging for all ages. Through JuSTEMagine, she hopes to spread awareness on just how useful a tool video games can be, as well as provide exciting opportunities for students to learn more about STEM. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Keerthana runs a student-led club at school called Women in STEM, in which they host STEM events to provide students with exposure to STEM careers by interacting with professionals in those areas. Apart from STEM, Keerthana enjoys competitive speech, playing the violin, singing, and dancing.


Reeya Chundury

Director of Events 

Making STEM available to students from all types of backgrounds is what Reeya is passionate about. To express her interest in STEM, she helps coordinate and promote STEM and SEL events. She is currently in 8th grade at Brownell Talbot and partakes in many STEM activities including science olympiad and robotics. Outside of STEM, Reeya enjoys participating in tennis, golf, track, and piano. Reeya also is a founder of Eye on July, which is a nonprofit organization.


Adrishya Kumar

Director of Art 

Adrishya Kumar is an 8th grader at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. She joined juSTEMagine because she is passionate about providing an equal education to people of all backgrounds. She also wants to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities to get interested in STEM. She enjoys working on art-related projects, and making STEM more geared towards creative minds. Outside of JuSTEMagine, she also enjoys participating in Science Olympiad, theater, track and field, public speaking, dance, and swimming. 


Fruzsina Roka

Director of Legislative Advocacy

Fruzsina Roka is a junior at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska. She joined JuSTEMagine because of her love of advocacy, especially in education-related fields. She uses this passion to help organize JuSTEMagine’s annual Legislative Advocacy Conference. Through JuSTEMagine and her position as the Director of Legislative Advocacy, Fruzsina hopes to bring STEM and SEL learning to as many classrooms as possible. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Fruzsina works with children to help them build their own games in Unity, participates in a nationally-recognized robotics team, and advocates for the causes that matter most to her.


Ishika Desai

Director of Social Media and Editor in Chief of Imagining 

Ishika Desai is a sophomore at Pleasant Valley High School located in Bettendorf, Iowa. She joined JuSTEMagine to spread the message of STEM and create an inclusive learning environment for all! Through her positions as Director of Social Media and Editor in Chief of Imagining, she hopes to reach new communities and spread the mission of JuSTEMagine. Alongside her involvement with JuSTEMagine, Ishika also participated in robotics, tennis, Women in STEM club, and student council!

Past Board Members

Akshay Mehta

’19-’22 Director of Technology and Treasurer

Akshay Mehta is a member of Brown University’s Class of 2026. He is triple majoring in Applied Math, Computer Science, and Economics. When he isn’t studying, he participates in Brown’s Data Science Initiative and Club Volleyball. 

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Riley Hawkins

’19-’22 Vice President


Riley Hawkins is a member of Dartmouth College’s Class of 2026. At Dartmouth, Riley is involved with the student newspaper and Dartmouth Outing Club. In addition, Riley and her friends work with children in Long Island, New York, on robotics-related projects!

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Sneha Selvaraj

’20-’22 Director of Expansion and Outreach

Sneha Selvaraj is a member of Georgetown University’s Class of 2026 in Washington D.C. She is majoring in Operations and Information Management with minors in Computer Science and Marketing. In D.C., Sneha works as a Vice President of IT for the credit union GUASFCU, a consultant for small businesses in Georgetown through Georgetown's Marketing Agency, and is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, a pre-professional sorority.


Josh Randolph

’20-’22 Board Member

Josh Randolph is a member of the Class of 2026 at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is a member of the Air Force ROTC, the Arcturus Autonomous Boat Team, and Engineers Without Borders. STEAM and Social Emotional Learning is important to Josh because it helps us understand our environment and the people around us and and allows us to create innovative ways to solve challenging problems.


Amuda Balu

'21-'22 Director of Curriculum + '22-'23 Co-Vice President

Amuda is a member of The University of Texas in Austin’s Class of 2027. Through JuSTEMagine, she has helped design curriculum and she hopes to encourage learning within the STEM community. She is passionate about access to quality education and is grateful for the opportunity to help others in her community. Amuda hopes to pursue political science in college. Outside of JuSTEMagine, she enjoys debating, tennis, and listening to music. 


Mona Lao

'21-'23 Director of Esports

Mona Lao is a member of The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s Class of 2027. In her free time, Mona loves figure skating, reading, and watching Netflix! She's passionate about helping her community and loves making curriculum for JuSTEMagine.

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Riddhi Munjewar

'22-'23 Co-Director of Technology

Riddhi is a member of The Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science & Management at The University of Nebraska at Lincoln. She is a member of the Class of 2027. She is passionate about STEM and aims to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and get involved in the fields. Riddhi is interested in pursuing computer science and business. Outside of JuSTEMagine, Riddhi loves reading, playing the piano, and robotics.


Swayam Kontamwar

'22-'23 Co-Director of Technology


Swayam Kontamwar is a member of Brown University’s Class of 2027. He loves everything tech, including programming and UI/UX design, and wants to use it to bring positive change to the community. He has helped develop and design JuSTEMagine's applications, participated in its advocacy conferences, and helped create connections with new partnerships, hoping to address key issues through technology. Outside of JuSTEMagine, he loves to perform speeches, lead a club in machine learning, and serve as a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol. He hopes to pursue computer science in college.

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Aanya Mishra

'22-'23 Director of Legislative Advocacy

Aanya Mishra is a member of The University of California Berkeley’s Class of 2027. She enjoys reading and spending time with her dog outside of school. She loved serving on the JuSTEMagine Board because of her passion for advocacy and STEM.


Victoria King

'22-'23 Director of Outreach

Victoria King is a member of Dartmouth College’s Class of 2027. She loves robotics, technical writing, and visual design. She joined JuSTEMagine to spread her love of STEM by reaching out to as many individuals as possible through outreach and publishing articles. In her free time, she writes, mentors youth First Lego League teams, and reads books.

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Serena Zezulak

'22-'23 Girls in STEAM + Event Coordinator

Serena is a member of The University of Notre Dame’s Class of 2027. In the past, Serena has worked with JuSTEMagine through volunteering at Girls in STEAM events and assembling Positivity in a Box and STEM Kits. Serena is passionate about inclusivity within the STEM field and making STEM education accessible to all. Serena plans to follow the pre-medicine track in college.


Angel Bhandari

'23-'24 Director of Events

Angel is a sophomore at Brownell Talbot in Omaha Nebraska. She has previously worked with JuSTEMagine in the past. With assembling STEM kits, writing STEM related articles, and legislative advocacy! She is passionate about expanding STEM education. Through her position, by coordinating educational events for the community. As well as making sure STEM education is accessible to all! In school Angel is involved in cheerleading, robotics, student council, science olympiad, and speech.


Cameron Vakili

'23-'24 Director of Social Media​

Cameron is a freshman at Brownell Talbot School. He is passionate about providing technology and STEM access to people who can’t or wouldn’t be able to have it, and is also passionate about finding new uses for old technology. Cameron also plays piano and guitar and loves to ski and volunteer with theatre.

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