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Introducing the 2023-24 JuSTEMagine Board! (Part 2)

By Siri Doddapaneni

Every March, JuSTEMagine undergoes a major change. While the “out with the old, in with the new,” applies to the change between winter and spring, it also applies to the JuSTEMagine board. JuSTEMagine’s student leadership team oversees all of JuSTEMagine’s partnerships, chapters, subcommittees, events, and more. JuSTEMagine’s 2023-24 board includes Francesca Vidal, President, Siri Doddapaneni, Vice President, Ansh Mishra, Director of Esports, Meghna Adduri, Director of Curriculum, Aubrey Nguyen, Director of Technology and Art, Liam Garrigan, Director of Legislative Advocacy, Leyla Urmanova, Director of Expansion and Outreach, Angel Bhandari, Director of Events, and Cameron Vakili, Director of Social Media. Each board member brings perspective, passion, and unique qualities to the board to help JuSTEMagine be the best it can be.

The 2023-24 Director of Curriculum is sophomore Meghna Adduri. As Director, Meghna is responsible for leading a JuSTEMagine subcommittee that prepares STEM curriculum and experiments for Prairie STEM’s STEM kits. Meghna has been working in curriculum design since she joined JuSTEMagine in 2021, along with Positivity in a Box and legislative advocacy. “I joined JuSTEMagine because of helped me combine two things that are very important to me: STEM and giving back to my community,” said Meghna. Meghna hopes to use her background in curriculum development to pursue a bigger role in a field she was already passionate about. Meghna looks forward to leading curriculum while meeting new people on JuSTEMagine’s board. Meghna values collaboration as an important part of her subcommittee: “When we collaborate, we can come up with better ideas and make more of an impact on the community.”

The 2023-24 Director of Technology & Art is sophomore Aubrey Nguyen. This year, this position has been expanded to include Art as a STEAM value. Aubrey is responsible for updating JuSTEMagine’s website, planning technology and art events, and working on tech projects such as Prairie STEM’s upcoming mobile app. “By applying for the Director of Technology position, I hoped to expand my knowledge of technology in order to support JuSTEMagine’s goal of expanding STEM and SEL education. I chose to take on the role of Director of Art because I have always loved how art can inspire joy and positivity,” said Aubrey. Aubrey is excited to work with other board members and contribute to JuSTEMagine’s goal of expanding STEM and SEL education. “I loved juSTEMagine’s goal of creating more STEM and SEL learning opportunities, and I was excited to meet other students who are interested in ways to make STEM more available to people,” said Aubrey. Aubrey believes that passion is important for a board member because of each board member’s unique skills that enhance STEM and SEL education.

The 2023-24 Director of E-Sports is junior Ansh Mishra. As JuSTEMagine’s E-Sports representative, Ansh plans, promotes, and assists with Prairie STEM’s E-Sports events and tournaments. “I chose this position because I have always been passionate about gaming. Gaming has been a hobby for as long as I can remember. I hope to get rid of the negative stigma around gaming through this position.” said Ansh. Ansh joined JuSTEMagine in 2021 to promote STEM education in our community and believes that JuSTEMagine is an outlet to leave a lasting impact and make a difference in the community. Ansh is excited to work with JuSTEMagine board members to create innovative solutions to real-world problems while providing students with an enjoyable learning experience. Ansh believes an important trait of a board member is passion. “I believe passion is what motivates you to go above and beyond,” said Ansh.

The Board also includes Co-Founder, former President, and Advisor Jack Cenovic, and former President and Advisor, Claire Cenovic. "Each year, new members of the Board add new perspectives and ideas to our mission, allowing JuSTEMagine to diversify and become an even stronger, more expansive organization. I am excited to see the 2023-2024 Board’s new ideas, projects, and events. I hope to watch JuSTEMagine grow and thrive. By adding new projects and events to our already large palette of outreach, we will be able to reach even more cities, countries, and children, making our impact a great one." said Claire.

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