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Nupur Bhalla
Founder and President of the San Diego Chapter

Nupur is a high school freshman from San Diego, CA.  Since middle school, she has been involved with STEM activities such as the science olympiad and the local research fair, which led to her curiosity about technology and health. Apart from academics, Nupur loves to play tennis, binge-watch Netflix, and enjoy spending time with her friends.


Tanvi Movva
Vice President 

Tanvi is a high school sophomore from San Diego, CA. She is a passionate student with a love for STEM. She is actively involved in STEM clubs and devoting time volunteering to teach STEM topics to young kids, she enjoys spreading knowledge and helping others. Besides academics, you can find her dancing, running, exploring new places, and cherishing moments with friends and family. She is looking forward to working on projects for JuSTEMagine!

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