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Sample Experiments

Blood Model


1 cup


1 cup


juSTEMagine Volunteer

Description Sheet

In the Blood Model experiment, students construct a model from common food items, allowing them to visualize and understand the components of blood.

Soil Model


2 cookies


plastic cup

1 tablespoon

Chocolate Chips

Description Sheet

In the Soil Model experiment, students use edible ingredients to represent the different layers of soil, and they can enjoy their model as a yummy treat at the end!

Paper Airplane Model



Paper Airplane 

The students are testing if a 30° or 45° angle better maximizes the distance covered 

The wings are tilted downwards to increase airspeed. This student later narrowed his wings to reduce drag.

In the Paper Airplane Model experiment, students learn to improve their paper airplanes by employing engineering design principles through trial and error.

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