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Our Projects


STEM Kit Assembly:

Due to COVID-19, many elementary school students in Omaha have struggled to access to STEM activities. JuSTEMagine has been working with Prairie STEM, a local nonprofit, to assemble boxes with STEM activities for these students. As of right now, we have assembled more than a 1000 kits.

STEM Kit Curriculum Design:

This team of students help design the STEM kits that JuSTEMagine makes. They write lessons on topics ranging from bridge building to genetics/adaptations to fossils activity.

Social & Emotional Learning:

JuSTEMagine is partnering with SparkPositivity to make Social and Emotional Learning Tik Toks. The purpose of these videos is to teach students skills outside of the classroom. Our team writes scripts and records videos Discussing over 80 traits ranging from social justice to empathy. 

Girls in STEAM:

The Girls in STEAM program is run through Prairie STEM with the mission of inspiring girls in their STEAM abilities. It is a ten week program that delves into a number of different STEAM topics, including computer science, coding, engineering, and the arts. It is held in collaboration with numerous Omaha elementary and middle schools.


Nebraska Robotics Expo

The Nebraska Robotics Expo is a hands-on opportunity for students to experience STEAM. It is a ten-week expo and consists of five challenges with each representing one of the five pillars of STEAM. Students will have to design a robot, code a robot, along with several robotics-oriented challenges.

STEM Night

On January 9th, Millard North High School hosted a STEM night. JuSTEMagine and Prairie STEM put on activities relating to the solar system and outer space to students kindergarden-5th grade. Volunteers completed activities and educated students in breakout rooms


Pre-Covid Volunteering:

JuSTEMagine volunteers taught STEM lessons to students at Brownell Talbot School and Completely Kids. We also worked with Prairie STEM and Omaha Public Schools to host a virtual STEM camp for Howard Kennedy Elementary students. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 9.12.30 AM.png

Soil Model

A yummy representation of the layers of  soil in the Earth built with oreos and gummy worms.

Blood Model

A buildable blood cell model with twizzlers, sprinkles and corn syrup.

Paper Airplane

Crafting paper airplanes to show factors that affect aerodynamics and efficiency

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