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AfrOmaha Dunia Youth Festival

By Sidra Miller

On May 28, 2023, Afromaha, an organization dedicated to celebrating African culture, hosted the Dunia Youth Festival at the Gene Leahy Mall. This vibrant event brought together young minds, community organizations, and educational initiatives to promote learning and exploration. Among the participants were JuSTEMagine and Prairie STEM, two organizations committed to fostering interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

Francesca Vidal and Ansh Mishra attended at the event to promote STEM to younger children

JuSTEMagine's board members, Francesca Vidal and Ansh Mishra played an instrumental role in promoting the organization's mission and engaging youth in exciting activities like drone flying.

One of the highlights of the Afromaha Dunia Youth Festival was the drone flying activity organized by Prairie STEM. In collaboration with Prairie STEM, JuSTEMagine helped run a thrilling drone flying activity for children. This hands-on experience allowed kids to explore the fascinating world of drone technology and understand the basic principles of flight. Under the guidance of trained volunteers, the young participants eagerly took the controls and maneuvered the drones through the air.

This interactive activity not only provided an entertaining experience but also sparked interest in the field of aviation and engineering. By introducing kids to drones, JuSTEMagine aimed to inspire a passion for STEM subjects and ignite their imagination for future possibilities.

The Afromaha Dunia Youth Festival provided an invaluable platform for JuSTEMagine and Prairie STEM to make a lasting impact on the lives of young individuals. Through their active participation, Francesca Vidal and Ansh Mishra effectively promoted the organization’s mission and volunteering opportunities. The engaging drone flying workshop added an element of excitement and hands-on learning, inspiring children to explore the world of STEM. By collaborating and actively engaging with the community, JuSTEMagine, and Prairie STEM demonstrated their commitment to fostering a passion for science and technology among youth, empowering them for a future full of possibilities.

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