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Competition in STEM

By Katie Picard

Is healthy competition actually suitable for children? Having contests can either be a good or a bad influence on children's growth. In elementary school, most children have a physical education class that helps to build their motor skills. Later in life, many kids join a sports team which first exposes them to serious competition, the idea that in the end, you will go home a winner or a loser. This first experience can help children mature, but some will take away the idea that they can't go home if they don't win, or if it's too stressful to compete against others. Another type of competition that might slip past people's minds is competition in STEM.

STEM competitions can be seen in robotics, science bowl, and many more! STEM competitions can bring stress and overwhelming feelings to students that many do not support. Some say that it can bring an unsavory feeling into the classroom and forge a wall between students that become overly competitive. On the other hand, bringing competition into the STEM world can bring a collaborative and engaging way to learn and study new material in whatever field you compete with.

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