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Girls Inc. STEM Night

By Angel Bhandari

The Girls Inc STEM night was one to remember! JuSTEMagine had a table where they incorporated a LEGO-building boat activity. Board members Francesca Vidal, Angel Bhandari, Liam Garrigan, & Cameron Vakili attended the event!

JuSTEMagine Board Members Francesca, Angel, Liam, and Cameron attended the Girls Inc. STEM Night

The girls eagerly came to the event awaiting the start of the evening's activities; the room was filled with chatter and giggles as the girls shared their excitement for what was to come. As the event began, the girls made their way around the STEAM booths. As they approached JuSTEMagine’s booth they were presented with a slideshow that gave them instructions on how to build their LEGO boats to withhold the most pennies. They were tasked with designing and constructing a sturdy boat using only the provided LEGO pieces. The girls put on their thinking caps and began to create their boats. Some built large ones with bold details, while others built smaller boats with thicker builds.

The atmosphere was filled with stimulation and creativity. As the event continued, many girls completed their boats and proudly displayed them to each of us. Excitement filled the table as boats were withholding the pennies. Some girls who had never even picked up a LEGO had created some of the most innovative boats. The girls' joy was palpable, and their smiles stretched from ear to ear. They were proud of their successful LEGO creations, and their belief in their abilities soared. As the evening came to a close, the girls said their goodbyes to us. The event hopefully had left a mark on their young minds, and it was clear that STEAM night with the LEGO boat activity had intrigued a curiosity and passion for innovation in each of them.

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