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Greendale Spotlight

By Francesca Vidal

The Greendale chapter is located in Greendale, Wisconsin and began in January 2021. It is led by Evie Skibicki, Ava Scheuer, and Cole Bucek.

1) What inspired you to start your Chapter?

We first met as a robotics team, and while doing that, the part of the competition many of us enjoyed the most was bringing our love of STEM to our community. We love STEM and love sharing it with others. Knowing that we can inspire and empower others, especially young girls, to get involved with STEM is an awesome feeling. When we discovered JuSTEMagine, we saw the mission matched our passion and decided right away that starting a chapter would be a great fit!

2) What are you most proud of your Chapter for accomplishing?

It’s incredibly tough to pick any single thing that we’re most proud of, but in general, our work with kids in our community and around the nation is something that even we can’t believe sometimes. In the last year, our team of 6-7 members has done STEM activities with over 1000 students and logged over 1000 hours of community service sharing STEM. We’ve done programs with schools, community organizations, our Village, our local Park and Rec department, other robotics teams, and even created our own nationwide online series of events, STEM Sisters, connecting girls across the country who are interested in STEM with university students and STEM professionals.

3) What is one goal you would like to see your Chapter accomplish in the future?

One goal we would love to see is an in-person STEMsisters event. We love doing online meetings, especially because we can reach a larger audience, but doing in person meetings would allow for a lot more hands-on activities. We’d also like to expand our work with our local Park and Rec department to begin a community robotics camp. Finally we’d like to grow our outreach to underserved communities; we’ve been very privileged and would like to take advantage of that to bring opportunities to others that might not otherwise have them.

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