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High School Student Gives Back to Her Community: Victoria King is Today’s Hero

By Pam Ingraham and Victoria King

Victoria King, a senior at First Presbyterian Day School, has a passion for educating children/youth in the areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She has loved working with/mentoring students at Campus Clubs in Macon for 3 years.

Victoria is also the Director of Outreach for JuSTEMagine, which is a STEM educational outreach program run completely by high school students across the country and beyond. Their goal is to perform service projects and further STEM education for their communities. JuSTEMagine began in Omaha, Nebraska in 2019, co-founded by two high school students at Brownell Talbot. They currently have 24 chapters across the United States and even the world.

Victoria wanted to be able to provide her STEM lessons to her children. Since its inception, JuSTEMagine has worked closely with Prairie STEM, an educational non-profit in Omaha, NE, to provide the highest level of STEM/SEL engagement for underserved students. Victoria has worked tirelessly to fundraise money to purchase Prairie STEM Kits for students at the Methodist Home in Macon.

On November 29th, 2022, Victoria’s students successfully completed the Marble Run Innovation Challenge! They designed and created a marble run that successfully gets a marble through the maze in the allotted time. They watched an educational video which explained the physics behind the maze, such as potential energy, kinetic energy, speed, and friction. In addition to the STEAM learning, they emphasized SEL traits, such as perseverance and courage. This challenge taught the kids to overcome challenges, no matter how bumpy the road gets! Victoria will go back soon to complete the Solar Still Challenge with the kids!

Prairie STEM

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