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Imagining Team Member Spotlight

By Francesca Vidal

This month, our Imagining team spotlight is on Anna Khan. Anna is a senior at Brownell Talbot and has been a writer for Imagining since her sophomore year.

When did you join Imagining?

“I joined at the end of 10th grade (spring 2022)”

Why did you join Imagining?

“I joined because at the time, I was trying to get more involved in STEM and I wanted more volunteer opportunities. I felt that Imagining was a good option for both of these. I also have always liked writing, and I thought being part of a publication would be very interesting.”

What has been your favorite article you’ve written?

“I interviewed Victoria King, former President and Founder of the Macon Chapter and Imagining writer, a long time ago and it was one of my first articles. I didn’t know her at all but I got to learn all sorts of stuff about her and her journey with STEM which I thought was really cool.”

What other activities are you involved in outside of Imagining?

“I’m in Science Olympiad, National Honor Society, and I volunteer at a weekend retreat/camp sometimes.”

What career are you considering pursuing after high school?

“I am going to major in environmental science. I want to work in Nebraska to help agribusinesses reduce their negative impact on the environment and bring back natural prairies.”

What is your favorite subject in school?

“I don’t really have a favorite subject, I just like being in school.”

Congratulations Anna on being our September Imagining team member spotlight and thank you for all your hard work and dedication that you put into Imagining!

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