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Imagining Team Member Spotlight

By Angel Bhandari

Rital Miller is currently a sophomore at Brownell Talbot! She is a volunteer with JuSTEMagine and apart of our Imagining Publication! This month we spotlighted her as our Imagining Team Member Spotlight!

Why did you join Imagining/JuSTEMagine?

“I joined because I am passionate about STEM and love to write!”

Do you participate in other STEM activities?

“I do robotics where I logbook and learn to CAD.”

How long have you been publishing for Imagining?

“I have been with Imagining for a little over a year with my favorite articles being movie spotlights.”

What is your favorite subject/STEM class?

“My favorite subject is math since I like problem solving and applying older concepts to new ones.”

What is a fun fact about you?

“I love being a part of teams and growing strong connections like in robotics, cheer, etc.”

Congratulations Rital for being our Imagining Team Member Spotlight, and thank you for everything!

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