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JuSTEMagine 2023 Positivity in a Box Assembly

By Anna Khan

JuSTEMagine, in collaboration with SPARK Positivity, recently joined forces to spread social and emotional learning (SEL) among children in Omaha. This partnership resulted in the assembly of SEL kits, each comprising of 10 lessons that encompasses virtues such as kindness, generosity, and responsibility. Additionally, these kits contained a survival kit that included sunglasses, bubbles, and hats, designed to enhance the learning experience. Volunteers assembled a total of 130 lessons on May 17th and 19th at the Brownell Talbot library.

SPARK Positivity is a dedicated organization that aims to spread positivity through social-emotional learning. Their programs focus on empowering children with key life skills and promoting healthy lifestyles. Through their Positivity in a Box initiative, they provide valuable resources and lessons to children, promoting positivity and social-emotional well-being. By following the CASEL Framework, their programs cultivate essential skills and create environments that foster positive learning and development. SPARK Positivity is making a lasting impact by instilling positivity and helping kids to thrive.

One lesson included a marshmallow catapult. Building and using a catapult promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It evokes various emotions, fostering self-awareness and emotional regulation. Additionally, the activity creates a positive and supportive learning environment, encouraging kindness and empathy. Overall, the marshmallow catapult offers an engaging way to develop an interest in simple engineering and physics. This is a cute and simple exercise that encourages kids to enjoy science and education in general. This was the goal of Positivity in a Box, and it was incredibly successful.

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