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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By: Victoria King

JuSTEMagine is an organization dedicated to enhancing both STEM and SEL learning for K-12 students. To achieve this goal, our organization actively recruits dedicated members, such as Francesca Vidal, our Director of SEL and Co-Vice President. The rewarding experience of being a JuSTEMagine member is best described by Francesca. She stated, “I really enjoy being a member of JuSTEMagine. There are many opportunities available through JuSTEMagine that are not found anywhere else. Through JuSTEMagine, you are able to meet new people, volunteer at many places, and watch as kids fall in love with STEM. I have volunteered over the summer at prairie stem, I format SEL lessons in Spanish, I am a part of Positivity in a Box, I lead JuSTEMagine’ s publication group, Imagining, help organize the Nebraska advocacy conference (which will take place on March 23).”

In addition to the experience of being an existing member, Francesca is inclusive to new members and offers different options to join in. Francesca shared the beginning of her journey. She stated, “I joined JuSTEMagine in March of 2021. My school was offering a list of clubs to be a part of, and I saw that JuSTEMagine was listed as an option. I noticed that, at that time, JuSTEMagine focused on spreading STEM education to kids around Omaha and that was something that really interested me.” To everyone interested in joining, we are always open to volunteers! Francesca emphasized the accessibility as stated, “JuSTEMagine is always looking for new members and if you or anyone you know wants to join JuSTEMagine, you can email us at Once again, there are many volunteering opportunities through JuSTEMagine like teaching kids about STEM, SEL, and Esports.”

The goal of JuSTEMagine is to impact kids around the world by presenting an innovative approach to education. By volunteering, you are able to make STEM and SEL education more accessible to the youth and provide them with a strong foundation for a bright future.

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