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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By Angel Bhandari

The JuSTEMagine board member spotlight is on Cameron Vakili! He is a freshman at Brownell Talbot and is the Director of Social Media for JuSTEMagine. He loves being part of the JuSTEMagine Board because of his passion for helping others and STEM!

Why did you want to be involved with social media?

“I wanted to volunteer in a STEM organization and I thought I would be helpful in designing visuals and writing captions, both of which help with Instagram!”

What are your responsibilities as the Director of Social Media?

“I’m responsible for making Instagram posts and stories for the main JuSTEMagine account, the Omaha Chapter account, and posting about the Imagining Publication on the Imagining account.”

What is your favorite JuSTEMagine event you have been to?

“I really enjoyed the Stem Night at Girls Inc. It was a great experience knowing that girls who may not have had access to STEM activities were given the chance to do so."

Why do you think social media is important for JuSTEMagine?

“Social media tends to be the main method of communicating now and how many people find out about things in general so it’s important in order for people to find JuSTEMagine to have a social media presence.”

What do you hope JuSTEMagine can accomplish in the future?

“I hope JuSTEMagine can branch out to even more locations and start more Chapters to make it grow as much as possible.”

Congratulations Cameron for being our Board Member spotlight, and thank you for all of your hard work and help!

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