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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By Siri Doddapaneni

Each month, the Imagining team interviews one of JuSTEMagine’s board members. For the month of November, the spotlight is on Angel Bhandari, JuSTEMagine’s Director of Events. Angel, a sophomore at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska, came on this year to fill a relatively new board position.

What is your role as Director of Events?

"As Director of Events, I identify and manage JuSTEMagine's Girls in STEAM and STEAM Night outreach, which aims to provide STEAM experiences and confidence to young students.

What motivated you to apply for the JuSTEMagine board and be a part of JuSTEMagine?

"I LOVE to plan events and advocate for girls in STEM."

What do you enjoy about event planning? Is there a favorite event you’ve done?

"My favorite part of each event is actually participating in the events and helping the kids participate is such a fun time. My favorite event so far was the Girls Inc. STEAM Night because I really enjoyed the Lego Boat Activity we did there."

What’s your favorite JuSTEMagjne project/event you’ve been a part of?

"My favorite JuSTEMagine project has been last year’s advocacy event!"

What’s a piece of advice you would give to volunteers/chapters/future board members?

"I piece of advice I would give future members is to just volunteer, no matter how much time you can give to the organization, there is always a spot for you."

Are you involved in any other STEM classes or activities?

"I’m involved in robotics and Science Olympiad"

What’s a fun fact about you?

"A fun fact about me is that I went to school in Nepal for 1st grade!"

Thank you to Angel for being this month’s board member spotlight, and good luck in your future JuSTEMagine endeavors!

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