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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

Updated: Feb 3

By Keerthana Vinod

Every month, Imagining chooses a member from JuSTEMagine’s board to interview. This month, the chosen member is Ansh Mishra, Director of Esports at JuSTEMagine. He is a senior at Millard North High School, and has a strong passion for both STEAM and Esports and how they can be used to create fun learning experiences and solve real-world problems. 

What do you do as the Director of Esports?

"As the Director of Esports, I oversee the planning and execution of esports-related activities within JuSTEMagine in Partnership with Prairie STEM. This involves coordinating tournaments, engaging with the gaming community, and fostering a supportive environment for STEM enthusiasts interested in esports."

What motivated you to join JuSTEMagine and become a board member?

"I was motivated to join JuSTEMagine by the organization's commitment to bridging STEM and diverse interests. Being passionate about esports and its intersection with technology, I saw an opportunity to contribute my skills and experiences to create a space for like-minded individuals."

What are some of the projects you’ve done in the past with this committee? Are there any projects you’re looking forward to?

"In the past, we've organized successful Esports tournaments in collaboration with Prairie STEM, bringing together STEM students who share a love for gaming. Looking ahead, I'm excited about implementing initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in Esports, breaking down barriers for underrepresented groups."

Do you have any goals for this subcommittee? Any changes/improvements that you’d like to make?

"My goal is to establish JuSTEMagine's Esports Subcommittee as a hub for collaboration, skill development, and networking. I aim to enhance accessibility, ensuring that all STEM enthusiasts, regardless of background, feel welcome and empowered to participate in Esports activities."

What is the most challenging thing you’ve faced while being a board member?

"Balancing the diverse interests and expectations within the Esports community has been challenging. Striking a harmonious balance between competitiveness and inclusivity requires constant communication and adaptability."

Since becoming a board member, what is your greatest accomplishment?

"My greatest accomplishment has been witnessing the growth of the Esports community within JuSTEMagine. The positive feedback and engagement from members highlight the impact we've made in creating a space where STEM and gaming converge."

What’s your favorite subject and/or STEM class?

"My favorite subject is computer science. I find the ever-evolving world of technology fascinating, and it aligns seamlessly with my passion for Esports and gaming."

Any fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

"In addition to my role in JuSTEMagine, I'm an avid collector of retro video games and enjoy exploring the historical evolution of gaming technology."

Thank you, Ansh, for being a part of this month’s JuSTEMagine Board Member spotlight. Thank you for all that you’ve contributed to JuSTEMagine!

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