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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By Angel Bhandari

The JuSTEMagine Board Member spotlight is on Aanya Mishra! She is a senior at Millard North High School and is the Director of Legislative Advocacy for JuSTEMagine. She loves being part of the JuSTEMagine Board because of her passion for advocacy and STEM!

Why did you want to be involved with Legislative Advocacy?

“I wanted to be involved with Legislative Advocacy because I’ve always been passionate about things I believe in and legislative advocacy is the best way to turn that passion into action and effective change.”

What are your responsibilities as the Director of Legislative Advocacy?

“My responsibilities as Legislative Advocacy Director are to support other Chapters and organize, teach and support them through legislative advocacy. Additionally, I organize and will conduct an advocacy conference at the capital with local members right here in Nebraska. Lastly, I also organize other training and educational events about legislative advocacy for all Chapters.”

Why is advocating for STEM at the legislative level important to you?

“Advocating for STEM is important to me because there are huge inequalities in the STEM field, particularly for women and POC. By advocating we can make substantial change and close the gap in STEM, which is something I care about a lot.”

What is your favorite event you have done involving Legislative Advocacy?

“My favorite event has been the advocacy conference at the capital. It was so cool to see the research and organizing we did to result in a bill being passed!”

What is the best memory you have while advocating for STEM?

“My best memory while advocating for STEM is seeing the change in legislation actually happen and teachers I know discussing it.”

What do you hope JuSTEMagine can accomplish in the future?

“I hope JuSTEMagine can expand its legislative advocacy to other states and one day advocate at the national level!”

Congratulations Aanya for being our Board Member spotlight, and thank you for all of your hard work and help!

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