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JuSTEMagine Greendale's 2023 Summer Events

By Siri Doddapaneni

This past summer, JuSTEMagine’s Greendale Chapter’s robotics program put on and attended several summer initiatives and camps for youth in STEM in Wisconsin. The Chapter has volunteered at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s FTC and FLL camps as well as putting on their own to serve their city’s underserved communities.

While not competing, the Greendale robotics team A.L.I.E.N has attended STEM events across the city, such as accepting an invitation to the Greendale 4th of July parade which they attended with their robot. The team also set up a booth with a robot game at the 4th of July Festival, information about Polish scientists at Greendale’s Polish Fest, creating pet toys at PetPalooza, and an activity involving driving their award-winning robot at Bike Safety and Big Trucks Day and the Milwaukee Kite Festival. The team members also volunteered at local summer camps and STEM classes, along with performing routine service for their community and sponsors.

The pinnacle of the Greendale chapter’s summer came with their STEAM Camp. Along with volunteering at local camps, the Chapter members ran a STEAM summer camp, with each day of the week corresponding to a different aspect of STEAM. Activities included fossils for science, circuits for technology, stomp rockets for engineering, chemistry art for art, and math games for math. The turnout was impressive as several students from the wait list were included to celebrate STEM.

The Greendale Chapter works hard to make STEM education accessible to all students around their city, and the above are just a few of the incredible endeavors they have taken on. Due to the team’s impressive performance in the field of STEM and general community service, they were invited to speak about robotics and FIRST at the Waukesha County Fair, member Ava Shapiro Scheuer was accepted to the FIRST Wisconsin Student Board, and outreach director Evie Skibicki was invited to be on a panel at the National Girls Build Solutions conference. Greendale has performed exceptional work to uphold JuSTEMagine’s mission while simultaneously competing and winning in robotics competitions.

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