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Macon Chapter: Robotics Camp

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

By Victoria King

The Macon chapter of JuSTEMagine is run by the Director of Outreach and Expansion, Victoria King. Currently, she and other students at First Presbyterian Day School mentor a First Lego League team at Campus Clubs, a non-profit organization helping disadvantaged youth. Every Thursday, they host a robotics and SEL enrichment program. This after-school program is for the First LEGO League (FLL) competition they compete in! First, they start by watching the FLL season video, assembling the mission board, building a Spike Prime robot, and then programming the robot.

A group of excited students demonstrate their LEGO car

In addition to the robotics aspect, they also complete a Core Values Project! This project illustrates numerous SEL traits they acquire over the season, such as Fun, Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, and Teamwork. Two years ago, they completed a Core Values Project focused on Inclusion. They built a wheelchair bicycle, which made activity accessible for all. This bicycle won the Athens Academy Regional Project.

The wheelchair bicycle that won the Athens Academy Regional Project two years ago

A group of students assemble a mission board

Last year, the project developed into Innovation since the theme was Cargo Connect, which aims at modernizing all forms of transportation. This season’s theme is Superpowered, which challenges the kids to reimagine the future of sustainable energy and empowers them to become innovators! So, they plan on focusing on Impact by making a hydroponics garden to participate in sustainable living! We are extremely excited to see how far the kids go as learn about robotics and essential core values of life! We are extremely grateful for the Macon chapter positively changing kids’ lives.

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