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Reykjavik Chapter Spotlight

By Francesca Vidal

The Reykjavik Chapter is located in Iceland, Reykjavik and is led by Bjorn Kristjansson.

What inspired you to start the Reykjavik Chapter?

“I was inspired to start a JuSTEMagine Chapter because I am very passionate about STEM and enjoy watching little kids grow to love what they are passionate about. JuSTEMagine provides great opportunities to students who want to explore STEM but do not know what specific field they want to go into, so I discovered my passion for mechanical engineering through JuSTEMagine.”

What are you most proud of your chapter for accomplishing?

“I am most proud of my chapter for working on curriculum. I believe the curriculum that JuSTEMagine makes is useful to kids with all STEM interests and keeps kids engaged—especially during COVID.”

What is one goal you would like to see the Reykjavik Chapter accomplish in the future?

“In the future, I would like to see my JuSTEMagine Chapter in Uruguay. I will be attending school in South America, so I would like to extend my efforts when I am there. I want to keep the Iceland Chapter going, but spread the mission even more!”

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