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STEM Career Spotlight: Botanist

Updated: Feb 7

By Ishika Desai

Botany is the study of interactions of plants with other organisms and the environment. Botanical research helps improve our understanding of a variety of plant products and botanical research helps manage public health and the environment. The job of a botanist can vary. Some botanists tend to study the patterns of the plants they are studying while others analyze the specific cellular structures of the organism. All in all, the role of a botanist is incredibly versatile and has a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

To reach this career, you have to ensure that you are taking a variety of science classes in high school, including biology, chemistry, math, and physics. In addition to this, many environmental clubs are open to students to learn more about botany. For a college education, a Bachelor’s degree can suffice, usually centered around biology and chemistry. The median salary of this job is $63,850 but there is variance depending on education level, employment history, and location. In college, those who intend to go into Botany do specialized courses such as plant genetics, plant ecology, and microbiology. If enrolling in a Master’s program, you may need to select a degree specialization, such as morphology, cell biology, or biochemistry. If enrolling in a Doctoral program, you will be asked to complete a dissertation on a variety of plant topics. This can include pathogenic threats to species, the potential of plant species, and the preservation of species. The responsibilities of this career go beyond just plant life as you are expected to be willing to travel, communicate, research, and study throughout your career. You are expected to conduct fieldwork, manage research groups, analyze organisms, and raise awareness about potential environmental concerns. 

In conclusion, Botanists play a vital role in ensuring the sustainability and expansion of our knowledge of our planet. To ensure success in this field, make sure to take many science courses to build knowledge and a strong background in science and participate in research projects to develop hands-on experience in the field. Botanists play a vital role in encouraging the sustainability of the Earth, and without them, we would lose research and expansion across a large range of earth science topics. 

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