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STEM Career Spotlight: Cybersecurity Analyst

Updated: Apr 21

By: Keerthana Vinod

Technology is becoming increasingly implemented into our everyday lives. This is especially true in terms of handling our personal information. We are slowly moving away from traditional paper-and-pencil, and instead moving to more efficient, digital ways of handling data. With this mass influx of data being stored in the world-wide web, it is important that our information stays safe online. This is one of the main jobs of a cybersecurity analyst. If you are passionate about computer science and cybersecurity, this may be just the job for you! If you are looking to go into this career, or are just curious about it in general, this article will cover most of the details of what being a videogame designer is as well as ways you can get a head-start in getting into the industry. This article will analyze what being a cybersecurity analyst is all about, the recommended high school and college courses students should take, and the salary of a cybersecurity analyst.

Let’s get the most obvious question out of the way: What is a cybersecurity analyst? In a general sense, cybersecurity analysts monitor a company’s IT infrastructure and help protect its information. Some specific aspects of what they do include: configuring tools for the company (including password protectors, virus software, etc.), reporting the network’s overall security, finding weaknesses in the network, and implementing security protocols. This job is based on three main skills: networking, scripting, and hacking .

Knowing that cybersecurity analysts need to have extensive knowledge and skills in the computer science field, what classes/degrees would be ideal? In high school, there are numerous classes that would be beneficial to students interested in this career. For example, taking any sort of computer science class(AP or IB course especially) will help students gain experience in coding languages early on. It is also highly advised to take cybersecurity as well, if they are offered in the school. This class will teach the fundamentals of ethical hacking, as well as provide insight as to what cybersecurity analysts do. Taking computer science and cybersecurity courses together will be extremely beneficial when pursuing this career. At the college level, a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity and information assurance, is necessary to be qualified as a cybersecurity analyst.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How much money can I get from being a cybersecurity analyst? There are several answers to this question as this, like many other jobs, has different salaries depending on your experience level. As an entry-level cybersecurity analyst, you would receive around $68,200. Someone early in their career(1-3 years) would make roughly $77,500. A mid-level cybersecurity analyst(4-6 years) would earn $84,400 and an experienced analyst(10-14 years) would earn $94,000. After 15+ years, you’d be able to make around $99,800. The salary goes even higher than that, with the average salary a cyber security analyst being around $102,600+!

Being a cybersecurity analyst is an essential job in a world where we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. From reporting unusual activity to ensuring network security, cybersecurity analysts play a crucial role in the world of the internet. Thousands of people around the world are starting their careers as cybersecurity analysts, and your journey to become one can start as soon as today. In this day and age, we need cybersecurity analysts more than ever.

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