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What Careers Encompass All of STEAM?

By Katie Picard

When talking about careers in STEAM, we mainly discuss a different career for each letter. The letter S stands for science which we could associate with a career as a chemist, the letter T is used in computer programming, the letter E could be an engineer, the letter A is an artist or architect, and finally, the letter M can be seen as a data or research analyst. But what career includes all five letters?

The first example is an engineer. An engineer’s job covers all aspects of STEAM. Engineers make plans using detailed drawings, and art. They prepare estimates and budgets and communicate with clients and coworkers about analysis results, which represents math. They create accurate project specifications and technical reports for customers, and technology. They design engineering experiments, which represent science. They complete regulatory documents concerning safety issues and finish projects on time and on budget, which represents engineering.

Another career is an architect. Architects use science when designing the process of building and putting their structures together. They use technology when designing a building or structure on a digital program. Engineering is shown through the act of designing the building's lighting and electrical layout. When designing the interior and exterior of the buying it forces the architect to use their artistic skills. Finally, an architect must put together an estimate of how much the building will cost and even how big each part of the building must be.

Although architects and engineers contain all elements of STEAM they are not the only ones. Doctors must use science to diagnose their patients, engineering to create a course of treatment for them, and math to find how much medicine to prescribe them. A researcher must use science to research their given topic, technology is prevalent in many modern tools used in research labs, engineering is used come up with possible reasons and techniques, and math to find the final answer. There are many jobs that use STEAM whether or not they use all five letters.

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