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Chapter Spotlight: Colorado Springs

By: Claire Cenovic and Francesca Vidal

The Colorado Springs Chapter is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and began in November 2020. It is led by Bryce Robinson.

What inspired you to start the Colorado Springs JuSTEMagine Chapter?

I actually wanted to create a scholarship or a free program where (girls specifically) can go to a summer camp and learn more about the medical field. As I was thinking about how I could do this, one of the JuSTEMagine Board members contacted me about a week later about JuSTEMagine! I absolutely loved everything that the program was about and stood for so I decided to start my own chapter in Colorado.

What are you most proud of your chapter for accomplishing?

I'm most proud of the fact that we've been able to accomplish so much during covid. I’m proud that the Wings of Blue (parachute team) will give our students tours, and performing a demo jump onto the football field/airfield, and that the highest ranking female (in aviation at USAFA) will be one of a few guest speakers for the girls.

What is one goal you would like to see the Colorado Springs Chapter accomplish in the future?

Eventually I would like you to have the Colorado Springs Chapter focus more on the medical field…but that’s for our next mission!

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