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Extracurricular Activities Involving STEM

By Sidra Miller

The extracurriculars we do and the hobbies we enjoy carry a huge reflection on our interests. If someone has a passion for STEM, there are many extracurricular activities outside the classroom that are enjoyable and help show their passion.

One STEM activity is robotics. Robotics uses critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication skills. There are many aspects of robotics such as engineering, coding, scouting, and log booking. Some programs go on to tournaments, providing multiple opportunities to improve your robot and go on to more selective competitions.

Another STEM extracurricular is the Science Olympiad. Teams compete over many different scientific topics such as rocks and minerals, physiology, and forensics. In addition, there are building events where you may have to build a bridge to be able to handle the weight or build an instrument that makes a sound. There are even lab events that use experiments to answer conceptual questions. Either way, in Science Olympiad, there are a whole variety of events to accommodate for people’s interests!

Another extracurricular activity that may not seem to be STEM related is tutoring. Teaching is the ultimate way to show one’s expertise and confidence in a subject. Tutoring shows that not only can you understand the material, but you can help teach it to others. This is a very useful skill for anyone, and it shows good social and communication skills which is a necessity for everyone to have.

In addition to tutoring, environmental volunteering is another great hobby choice! Contrary to popular belief, not all STEM is engineering and coding. Volunteering to help clean the earth or visiting your local nature center shows not only a passion for environmental science, but also a want to help our planet, which is crucial today.

If you are interested in STEM-related hobbies, there are many opportunities and subjects it’s offered in. STEM is used in such a wide range that there’s something for everyone. A lot of things may use it even if it’s not obvious. Despite that, STEM extracurriculars teach people that it is possible to learn and use important skills while having fun and being creative!

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