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Imagining Team Member Spotlight

By Keerthana Vinod

The Imagining Publication is a group that puts out monthly articles regarding STEM fields and careers, themed activities, movie reviews, and more. I interviewed Angel, a freshman at Brownell Talbot school and a member of this team for around 9 months.

Why did you join Imagining/JuSTEMagine? How did you find out about it?

"I joined JuSTEMagine because I’m passionate about expanding STEM education. Another reason I joined JuSTEMagine was to help ensure STEM education is accessible to all! I am able to do this with my position on the Board. I specially joined Imagining because I thought it was a fun STEM opportunity! I really enjoy getting to write monthly articles for the publication! I found out about JuSTEMagine, through my history teacher at school."

Do you participate in any other STEM activities outside of JuSTEMagine? If so, what are they?

"I do! I participate in robotics and Science Olympiad through my school! I logbook and manage the social media for my robotics team. I am also an active member of my school’s Science Olympiad team!"

What’s your favorite subject/STEM class and why?

"My favorite subject is probably Spanish! I enjoy learning about the culture, as well as the language. I truly feel immersed in that culture while in that class. Learning a new language is so much fun, and the teacher makes the class enjoyable!"

Are there any interesting facts you’d like to tell about yourself?

"A fun fact about me is that I’m an Irish twin, meaning my sister and I are not even a year apart! We are exactly 10 months and 28 days apart!"

Thank you Angel for being part of this interview, and congratulations on being our Imagining Team Member spotlight!

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