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Imagining Team Member Spotlight

By Keerthana Vinod

The Imagining Publication group is a group that puts out monthly articles regarding STEM fields and careers, themed activities, movie reviews, and more. I interviewed Clare, a senior at Brownell Talbot School and the Assignment Editor of this team.

Why did you join Imagining/JuSTEMagine?

"I joined in 2022 (my sophomore year). I got an email asking me to be a writer for the publication and high school was basically my renaissance in science because I started really loving it after taking chemistry. So I decided to combine my love of writing and my newly budding love for science in this publication."

Do you participate in other STEM activities?

"I do Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. I enjoy communal learning, and these activities focus on learning together as a group or as a partner. It made the group feel like a community more than just a random group of students. It was also interesting to learn about the niche subjects in Science Olympiad."

How long have you been publishing for Imagining?

"I’ve been publishing since I joined in 2022. So around a year or so."

What’s your favorite subject and/or STEM class?

"Chemistry! I love it because it was a challenge. I really struggled the first semester, but the experience was so rewarding. Taking that class explained so much about the world and expanded on things I only knew the basics of (like the periodic table or atoms). I’m left fascinated after every class period."

Any fun facts about yourself that you'd like to share?

"I am a HUGE dog person and I would do anything for my two little doggos! I also have a sci-fi/fantasy book addiction that would probably make my English teacher question if it was even worth teaching me."

Thank you Clare for being part of this interview today, and congratulations for being our Imagining Team Member Spotlight!

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