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Imagining Team Member Spotlight

By Clare Schinzel

This month’s Imagining Team Spotlight is Ishika. From robotics to student council, Ishika is a well-rounded and vital member of the Imagining team. Let’s learn a little more about her:

Why did you join Imagining/JuSTEMagine?

“I joined JuSTEMagine because I wanted to advocate for STEM education and for educational accessibility in my area. After joining the organization, I heard about Imagining. The possibility of advocating for STEM through writing seemed exciting, so I joined!”

Do you participate in other activities (STEM or non-STEM related)?

“The other activities I participate in are robotics, Women in STEM Club, and student council!”

How long have you been publishing for Imagining?

"I’ve been in Imagining since April!”

What is your favorite subject/STEM class?

“My favorite STEM class has to be math!”

Thank you, Ishika, for your hard work and dedication to JuSTEMagine and Imagining!

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