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Imagining Team Spotlight

By Clare Schinzel

This month, our Imagining Team Spotlight is Sidra Miller. Sidra is a senior at Brownell Talbot School and is known for her humor, incredible writing skills, and vibrant personality.

How long have you been publishing for Imagining?

“I’ve been in JuSTEMagine since my sophomore year.”

Why did you join Imagining/JuSTEMagine?

“I joined because Francesca [Editor-in-Chief of Imagining] told me about the types of articles they write and volunteering activities they do, and it seemed like something I’d like to try.”

What is your favorite STEM class?

“My favorite class right now is AP Environmental Science. I feel like I learn a lot about all different aspects of science that are really applicable to the real world."

What other activities are you involved in?

“I’m involved in Journalism, National Honor Society, and GSA.”

Any fun facts?

“I love haunted houses; I’ve already gone to two so far this year.”

Congrats to Sidra for being our Imagining Team Spotlight this month. Your dedication and drive are appreciated beyond words!

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