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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

By Tanya Bachu

JuSTEMagine has a board full of young, creative, and talented students, all aiming towards improving STEM and SEL education. One such board member is Amuda Balu, a junior at Millard North High School. She was the Chapter Coordinator for JuSTEMagine, but is currently the 2022-2023 Co-Vice President.

What was it like being the chapter coordinator?

Being the chapter coordinator is a lot of fun! It gives me a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people from different chapters that I probably wouldn’t have been able to interact with if I didn’t have this position. I also have fun planning these events and bonding with my peers that are passionate about similar things.

What were your jobs as the chapter coordinator? You also help design curriculum, so how do you do this/what is it like?

As the chapter coordinator, I manage the communication between the chapters. I specifically do this through discord. I also plan and lead chapter events where members of different chapters have an opportunity to meet each other and discuss our plans and play games. I just started leading the curriculum team which is definitely a lot of fun and a cool opportunity. It’s really fun trying to think of creative ideas on different topics that I’ve done in high school.

What new ideas have you brought forward during your time as the chapter coordinator for JuSTEMagine?

As the chapter coordinator, I’ve tried to use the discord more as a lot of people my age use it to talk to each other. I also have planned the events between the chapters, which was new when I started.

What has been your favorite part of being on the JuSTEMagine board?

My favorite part of being on the JuSTEMagine board is getting to know the others more. Before, I didn’t really know everyone that well and had only volunteered with them a few times. However, after being on the board, I’ve been able to interact and get to know them a lot better!

Why did you decide to become a board member for JuSTEMagine?

I decided to become a board member because I knew that I would be making a positive impact on my community. I wanted to do something meaningful and JuSTEMagine seemed like one of the best ways to make this impact.

Where do you see JuSTEMagine going from here? How are you feeling about the new board members?

I see JuSTEMagine growing from here. We’ve worked on organization and expansion a lot this last year and so I see it making an even larger impact than it already is around the nation and even the world. I’m excited about the new board members as it gives me another opportunity to meet more people, especially this year since there are people from around the US and not just Omaha.

In your own words, how is JuSTEMagine unique in valuing the importance of STEM education?

JuSTEMagine is unique in valuing the importance of STEM education for a couple reasons. First, it provides a lot of opportunities that you don’t see anywhere else. For example, this was the first organization that I had heard of that did things like curriculum and legislative advocacy. JuSTEMagine has so many projects that you’re likely to find at least one that you are passionate about. Second, it’s a student run group and is successful. It’s refreshing to see a student run group actually dedicated to making a large impact and being successful at it!

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