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JuSTEMagine Board Member Spotlight

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By Siri Doddapaneni

Each month, the Imagining team interviews one of JuSTEMagine’s board members. For the month of October, the spotlight is on Cameron Vakili, JuSTEMagine’s Director of Social Media. Cameron, a freshman at Brownell Talbot School in Omaha, Nebraska, came on this year to fill a relatively new board position.

What is your role as Social Media Director?

"As Director of Social Media, I’m responsible for managing our main JuSTEMagine social media page, our Omaha Chapter page, and our Imagining publication page."

What motivated you to apply for the JuSTEMagine board and be a part of JuSTEMagine?

"I applied because I thought JuSTEMagine could benefit from my experience with social media and I also wanted to help the community."

What do you enjoy about managing/creating social media posts? Is there a favorite post you have?

"I enjoy choosing the overall theme of each post; seeing which colors fit best together, etc. I don’t really have a favorite post, I just enjoy creating them in general."

What do you hope to accomplish over the next year in your position? What are you excited about?

"I hope to grow the Imagining publication to be as popular as the main Instagram page is and just make all the pages more popular overall."

What’s your favorite JuSTEMagjne project/event you’ve been a part of?

"I really enjoyed the first STEM Night we did at Girls Inc."

What’s a piece of advice you would give to volunteers/Chapters/future board members?

"I would say always to think that you’re trying to help someone with what you’re doing. If you’re just doing what your role is without thinking about it you might not be using your strengths as much as you could."

Are you involved in any other STEM classes or activities?

"Outside of JuSTEMagine I mainly do robotics and play music."

What’s a fun fact about you?

"A fun fact about me is that my favorite food is sushi."

Thank you to Cameron for being this month’s board member spotlight, and good luck in your future JuSTEMagine endeavors!

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