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JuSTEMagine Lincolnshire's Infection Investigation Game Night

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

By Rital Miller

The Lincolnshire Chapter hosted 2 STEM activities, including a Virus Buster Tag game and an activity of Glow in the Dark Guardians, at their local library, Vernon Public Libray and Half Day field, on August 4th. The purpose of both these games was to demonstrate the rapid transformation of viruses and how they can affect individuals. One participant was designated as the “main germ” with the task of tagging other players to “infect them”. When a person is tagged, they would join the “infected” which shows that germs can quickly duplicate and spread.

In the next activity, participants took glow-in-the-dark paint to mimic invisible germs. The paint was spread over their hands and/or faces and once a UV light was flashed on their skin you could see the paint. This is to show that germs are consistently on us in our everyday lives and go unnoticed. Then everyone would properly wash their hands with soap and water. Once dry, the UV light would be flashed back onto their hand revealing no leftover paint. This effectively conveys the importance of regular and thorough hand washing to prevent bacteria being left on your skin.

This entire event helped demonstrate the real-life situation of fast-spreading germs and the importance of maintaining good hygiene to get rid of bacteria on our skin that goes by unnoticed everyday!

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