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JuSTEMagine Omaha's Art Event

By Francesca Vidal

On May 18th, 2023, JuSTEMagine hosted its first Art Event at Brownell Talbot where children in second through fourth grade got the opportunity to participate in activities related to both art and social and emotional learning (SEL). Director of Technology and Art Aubrey and volunteer Noamin were responsible for choosing the activities for the event.

The first activity for the event involved the participants cutting puzzle pieces and decorating it with their favorite colors, sports, activities, movie characters, etc. After each puzzle piece was finished, the kids were asked to assemble their puzzle pieces together to create one big puzzle. The puzzle was a representation of how every person is unique and has special talents and gifts; additionally, when everyone works together, wonderful creations can be made. Furthermore, the puzzle showed how even though every person is different, everyone plays an equal and vital role in society.

Each participant decorated their own puzzle piece and connected their pieces together to create one big puzzle.

After the puzzle piece activity was finished, the participants were encouraged to create a flower and write positive words that described themselves on each petal. Each flower was created using construction paper, tape, and scissors. The goal of the activity was for the kids to practice the skill of self-reflection and self-empowerment. Afterward, the kids were able to take their flowers home so that they could always be reminded of the positive qualities they possess.

In the end, the Art Event was able to use art to teach valuable life lessons about SEL to kids in an amusing manner. While the event was JuSTEMagine’s first Art Event, in the future, JuSTEMagine hopes to be able to continue to spread the value of SEL and art.

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