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JuSTEMagine's Chapter Event

By Francesca Vidal

JuSTEMagine is a diverse organization. With 21 Chapters located across the US and worldwide, it can be difficult to celebrate the uniqueness of each Chapter and their accomplishments. One way to overcome this dilemma is through Chapter Events.

On March 27th, JuSTEMagine hosted a virtual Chapter Event where members from each Chapter got the chance to meet one another and discover the projects they have been working on. Amuda Bala, the Co-Vice President of JuSTEMagine organized the event.

The event started by each attendee stating their name, grade, where they live, and their new position for the 2022-2023 year on JuSTEMagine. In order for each member to get to know each other better, many ice breakers were played. A favorite among the attendees was two truths and a lie. After getting to know everyone a bit better, future plans for JuSTEMagine were discussed.

In the end, this short event left a big impact on each attendee. The virtual Chapter Event allowed Chapter Members to meet one another in a way that would not be possible otherwise. From the event, JuSTEMagine can proudly say that many exciting projects from each Chapter will be initiated this year!

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