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President's Volunteer Service Award Ceremony

By Francesca Vidal

Alan Wang, Executive Director, and Jeffrey Ingraham, Chief Operating Officer, of Prairie STEM presenting the awards to Claire Cenovic, Jack Cenovic, and Francesca Vidal

On June 6th, 2022, Prairie STEM hosted the President’s Volunteer Service Award Ceremony to commemorate the hard work and dedication of six volunteers: Amuda Balu, Claire Cenovic, Jack Cenovic, Akshay Mehta, Maya Savory, and Francesca Vidal. These volunteers have spent countless hours spreading their interests in STEM and SEL through volunteering.

The President's Volunteer Service Award is awarded in three stages. The bronze award is awarded for having 100 to 174 hours of service, the silver award is given for having 175 to 249 service hours, and the gold award is awarded for having 250 hours of service or more.

The ceremony took place at The Mastercraft in Downtown Omaha, Nebraska. After a small tour of Prairie STEM’s new facility and a quick cookie break, the ceremony began. Not only did each volunteer receive a medal for their service hours from the President's Volunteer Service Award, but they were also awarded a certificate from Prairie STEM for their help with Prairie STEM’s STEM kits, summer camps, and more.

Congratulations to the six volunteers, JuSTEMagine is immensely proud of them for all their accomplishments!

To find out more about the specific details of the President's Volunteer Service Award, check out this article:

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