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Summer Positivity in a Box Kits

By Siri Doddapaneni

SPARK Positivity and JuSTEMagine are back with an outstanding collaboration on the summer Positivity in a Box kits! Much like the boxes assembled in the winter of 2021, these new kits include 14 lessons and corresponding activities that are targeted toward 3-5 graders, each focusing on specific social-emotional skills such as generosity, teamwork, and perseverance.

Before any assembly could begin, the lessons and activities had to be created. The lesson developers included Teri Rheinheimer, founder of SPARK Positivity, and three JuSTEMagine volunteers: Claire Cenovic, President of JuSTEMagine, Francesca Vidal, Co-Vice President of JuSTEMagine, and Siri Doddapaneni, SEL Coordinator.

The team spent countless hours researching and thinking up activities, ordering supplies, and writing the lessons that would go into the box. On May 19th, individual lessons were packaged at Brownell Talbot School, with many JuSTEMagine volunteers and BT students coming to help put together activities and lessons for the final assembly in a couple of days.

On May 23rd, the individual activities were assembled into full kits, which also included a small hygiene kit and a school supplies bag.

Francesca Vidal and Siri Doddapaneni holding completed Positivity in a Box kits

The assembly was held at Miller Park Elementary in Omaha, and many JuSTEMagine volunteers and Board members showed up to help with the assembly, ensuring that the process ran smoothly and efficiently. One hundred kits were fully assembled for students around the city.

JuSTEMagine's Board members at the kit assembly along with Teri Rheinheimer

If you would like to volunteer with JuSTEMagine or SPARKPositivity, please contact or

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