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The Lego Movie Movie Review

By Sidra Miller and Anna Khan

The Lego Movie is a 3D animated film that follows the lead character, Emmet, an ordinary LEGO mini-figure who is recognized as the most "extraordinary person" and the key to saving the LEGO universe. He and his friends are trying to stop Lord Business from gluing the lego world into eternal stasis. In the movie, the destructive weapon is called Kragle. Only The Piece of Resistance has enough power to stop the Kragle. Emmet became “The Special” when he accidentally found the piece of resistance, which was originally hidden by a good wizard ghost named Vitruvius. The movie is very engaging for audiences of all ages and incorporates aspects of STEM such as building, teamwork skills, and creativity.

Throughout the whole movie, everything’s built from LEGOs, and machinery is constantly being built and used. For example, in the beginning, when Lord Business was about to melt Emmet, Wyldstyle (aka Lucy) builds a motorcycle from scratch and they escape together. Later on in the movie, when the unicorn world gets taken and destroyed by Lord Business, the friends, Batman, Lucy, and Emmet, quickly come together and build a spaceship to escape. It was then that they decided to devise a plan and work together as a team to defeat Lord Business. Towards the end, the audience realizes that the whole story is being played out in the real world by a little boy named Finn. Finn’s dad represents Lord Business, as he thinks legos should have a specific order to them, without the creativity to do other things. He wanted to use Kragle to glue everything together to keep things orderly. However, Emmet manages to maneuver himself, and Finn notices and gives him the Piece of Resistance. Finn builds a robot to fight against Lord Business, to which the father realizes the game is about him. Because of this, the father has a change of heart and in the lego world, Emmet convinces Lord Business that everyone is special, and the borders Lord Business put in place are removed.

With engineering and teamwork, so much of the Lego movie is filled with STEM-related things. With the creativity of the lego world, it helps people (especially younger kids) build an imagination. Although people may not realize it, children’s toys such as LEGOS and movies can help spark an interest in building from a young age.

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