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Vancouver Chapter Spotlight

By Francesca Vidal

For this month’s JuSTEMagine Chapter Spotlight, we interviewed Ria Sachdeva, co-leader of the Vancouver Chapter. The Vancouver Chapter is located in British Columbia, Canada, and is led by Olivia Roschat and Ria Sachdeva.

What inspired you to start the Vancouver Chapter?

“One of my robotics team mates, Olivia (co-leader of the Vancouver chapter) had planned for my team to do a demonstration with a Girl Guide troop. After that point, we wanted to provide as much STEM education as possible to our community and when JuSTEMagine reached out to us, it was the perfect way for us to do that.”

What are you most proud of your chapter for accomplishing?

“Amid the pandemic, we were able to create 3 unique curriculums for a nearby elementary school and virtually give them presentations that were fun, interesting and educational.”

What is one goal you would like to see the Vancouver Chapter accomplish in the future?

“Being that I am going to university next year, I would love to expand the chapter and find more people from outside of my school to help run future events.”

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