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What STEM Classes Are Useful in College for Those Who Aren't Pursuing a STEM Career?

By Angel Bhandari

The STEM field is a well-admired one by many high school students going into college. Many high school students who participated in STEM classes, activities, and events usually follow a traditional career in STEM. But what if you don’t want to pursue a traditional career path? What classes can you take in college that could be helpful? I’m glad you asked because in this article I have got you covered!

First off, we have Statistics. Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea it can be a highly beneficial class to take in college. Statistics offers a wide range of career opportunities, as it can be applied to fundamentally any career. Math isn’t the hottest subject to many, but statistics are not as complex as many might believe it to be. Statistics challenges students to study and come up with real-life conclusions. Challenging them to think outside the box, and reach their full potential. There is always a very high demand for individuals who know statistics. So even if you don’t stick to the STEM field, you can find many diverse job opportunities.

Next up we have Management Science. It is not the most talked about, but it for sure should be. Management science is a class taken by some college students, that focuses on the application of statistical modeling, data keeping and mining, testing of prototype systems and evaluation models, and programming. It’s a class that explores many topics relate directly to STEM. But are also applicable to other fields for jobs. If you are looking for a job involving STEM, but not normally in the STEM field. Management Science is a class for you!

Last but not least, there is Civil Engineering. This class can be taken for a variety of different reasons. You could pursue a career in STEM by taking this class or take a completely different path. In this class, you will learn about everything from fluid mechanics to geotechnical analyses. This class can be taken to follow a stereotypical STEM job or to pursue a non-traditional STEM occupation. It is useful for other careers like interior designers or property managers.

Whether you are looking for a job in the STEM field or not, you can count on these classes to put you on the right path. From teaching you basic skills for any job. Or to specifically related STEM education, these classes will most likely prove helpful to your job. No matter if it is a traditional or nontraditional STEM career!

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