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Where can we Find a Healthy Balance between STEM and Humanities when Picking a Major?

By Anna Khan

When going into college, and even as early as high school, students are often asked whether they are STEM or Humanities kids. STEM offers tangible advancements, concrete solutions, and technological progress. We see this in skyscrapers, software, and medical innovations. Meanwhile, the humanities study human experience, history, and culture, and critical thought.

It’s a mistake to try to put yourself into a category, and especially to hold one in higher regard than the other. When beginning your higher education, an approach that will be more beneficial to you allows both branches to guide your academic career. “The world we live in is increasingly ruled by science. Because of this, humanities is more important than ever,” STEMcadia says in an article about why students shouldn’t let their decisions be ruled by these two categories that are so closely reliant on each other.

For example, Architecture needs artists and engineers to create. With complex technology being introduced to the world, an engineer should understand the potential impact of their work, and the morality behind it. A writer for Scientific American explains, “The humanities are subversive. They undermine the claims of all authorities, whether political, religious or scientific,” Just as sociology relies on the understanding of brain chemistry and evolution to understand social interaction.

By integrating humanities into STEM or vice versa, you are better prepared for today's interconnected world. Students should not limit themselves to classes or majors that support the idea that they belong in STEM, or Humanities, even if they find one to speak to them more. Broader perspective may always come in handy later in your career.

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