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Why was STEM Changed to STEAM?

By Katie Picard

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The acronym STEM has recently been changed to STEAM which includes the arts. One of the main reasons the arts have been incorporated into STEM is because creativity plays a key role in all parts of STEM careers, in fact, creativity plays a key role in life!

Some of the many ways to inspire creative ways of learning STEM include doing physical activities, like labs and hands-on games. One more benefit that the ‘A’ in STEM holds is the fact that it allows teachers to create more engaging activities in the classroom that can be called STEAM. Some of the activities that teachers utilize in their classrooms are code-breaking sheets, engineering a catapult, and making a soda bottle rocket. All of these activities require some level of creativity which is why they fill in the STEAM category.

Art allows children to imagine possible solutions and then apply those problem-solving skills to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! In the end, art has always been part of STEM, the only difference is that it is now fully recognized.

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